Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers (Nevada Preferred), the only Nevada-based, independent statewide PPO network is the result of a partnership between Catholic Healthcare West and Universal Health Services, Inc., who joined their Nevada medical PPO network businesses August 1, 2009. Nevada Preferred now owns and manages the well-known networks of:

  • Nevada Preferred Professionals (NPP)
  • Saint Mary's Preferred Health Care Network (PHCN)
  • Universal Health Network (UHN)

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Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers

Fully / Self-Funded ~ Nevada Preferred Healthcare Providers

Fully Insured and Self-Funded Plans

Fully Insured Plans

A health plan is fully insured when it is purchased from an insurance carrier or other underwriter that assumes full risk for the cost of medical expenses. 

Self-Funded Plans

An employer group is self-funded or partially self-funded when it assumes risk for the cost of medical expenses.

When should an employer be self-funded?

Some of the tangible advantages for being self-funded include: